Support Day Newsletter Week 21

 PanicKode   21 May 2021 : 16:20

Happy Support Day!

Welcome Everyone to Support Day! Its been an awesome week and we have had some amazing streams this month! The Community has been so amazing with the support!
We have just a few things to let you all know about! Check them out!

Whats New?

Double Chatting Experience Coming Soon! May 29 & 30, get 2x The exp for chatting and saying hello to your friends in the Discord!

Warzone Kill Race Has been rescheduled for June 3 / 2021, More info Below.


Warzone Quads Kill Race
Support Force will be hosting a Call of Duty: Warzone Quads Killrace Competition!
First Place wins $50!!!!
Make sure to register today in the Discord!
More Details will be announced Tomarrow!

Support the Featured Member and Get 25% More Exp! That's right, If you support the Featured Member, no matter the platform you will get and extra 25% more Exp!

Support a Creator on the Featured Platform and Get Even More Exp! Our Current Featured Platform is: Twitter, All Support for any creator on Twitter earns an extra 25% Exp!


Remember Fam! Its Support Day, and the Official Support Force Twitter will be retweeting all of your content!! Remember to Tag @Sup_Force!

Thank you all for all the amazing Support this Week So Far! Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget to #Support The Support!

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