SF Newsletter Week 44

Welcome @everyone to the Month of November!!!
We hope you all had a great October and a better Halloween!

Congratulations to all the winners this month! We Still have a Costume Contest Going on!!!
Submit or vote for your Favorite Costume Today in the Discord!

We have some events in the planning phase for this month but this week we have another Give Away!!! Details Below!

Steam Give Away - Nov.4 @ 1pm EST
> This Time we will be giving away $100 in Steam Gift Cards to 3 different winners!
> Join us on stream for 12 hours to enter the giveaway with your SF Stream Point's

TCG Thursday - Nov.18 @ 9pm EST
> Join the Pokémon SF crew while we open tons of packs of Pokémon Cards!
> Last TCG we pulled 4 Gold cards!!! What will we get this time? Join us on stream to find out!

New World Community Event - Nov.25 @ 1pm EST
> Join the Community for some new world gameplay, We raid, go to war or zerg rush some corruption!
> Get Some levels, hang out with the community and earn some EXP!!!!


All support for the featured created earns an extra 25% boost and they have EXP Codes! Check them out today!



All support for creators on this platform earns and extra 25% boost!

Icons8 Youtube Squared 48

Congratulations to all the Creators this Week! Make sure you get your content in next week!

1. tG_SpooF
2. minimaddii
3. Bingel
4. MsDevils
5. makeupbymaireena
Thank you all for being amazing each and every day with the Support!
Stay tuned for more Events, Community Fun and More! 
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