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Patch 1.8.0 - September 2021

PATCH 1.8.0

Released: September 20nd 2021

Patch 1.8.0 Is mainly bug fixes but we have a major change to the OTW system, Previously OTW was split between content and clips. We have decided to merg the two and increase the EXP for submitting, winning and voting for content.


> OTW System Merger
> Clean up from patch 1.6.5
> Rebuilt URL Filter - Now Blocks based on user discord permissions
> Rebuilt Language Filter - Now Blocks word by word


> No Change


> No Change


> Advanced Multiplier added - allow for on the fly updates to the boost calculation.
> Clean up from patch 1.6.5


> Will now be known as Content Of the Week
> Both SOTW / COTW will be merged to one channel
> Commands are no longer required, Removed #submit #clip commands
> Submissions must now have text and a media upload. Links will no longer be accepted forms of Submissions
> Submission rewards increased to 1000 exp.
> Top 10 EXP rewards increased by 15%
> Voting EXP increased to 250 EXP, 20 Votes allowed per day
> Submissions Limited to 1 Per Day.


> Cleaned Role Request Code
> Added advanced Error Checking to Role Request
> Will observe for errors in the RR System.

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