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Support Force: Java MineCraft Server

Support Force: Java Minecraft Server
The Complete Guide
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  • Welcome and about the server
  • Rules
  • How to join the server
  • Mods and a guide to use them
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Minecraft is an open world sandbox game. Not really much i can add to that because while at its core that is correct the possibilities this game has is limited to the imagination to those that play it. You may be a veteran player surviving 1000 days in Hardcore mode, You may be a creative builder putting down the first blocks to an entire kingdom born from your imagination, you might be a technical wizard testing the boundaries and possibilities each red stone combination can unlock and you might be the explorer venturing down the biggest caves or climbing the biggest mountains. 
Support Force has created a server that embodies its values within it. Connecting players from all backgrounds and playstyles. Keeping the vanilla experience we have added features to improve security, improve accessibility and give players an option to reduce the grind to suit their play style if they so wish. 
The aim is to give the community more options to work and collaborate with each other and see the results of a shared vision at the end of the current season. 

This guide has been put together in sections and should be your go to place for anything you need to know about the server and features. The document is open for anyone to read and will be updated and edited as the server progresses. 


In addition to the Support Force Rules Listed HERE, Please Follow these rules below:

NO GRIEFING  Griefing is considered destroying or changing another player’s property or buildings without their consent. If for whatever reason you've caused damage to a build (we all know how creepers work) please inform the owner of the build.) 

DON’T OWN IT DON'T TAKE /USE IT General rule of thumb and common sense applied here. Anything community based and for anyone to use will be sign posted in BLUE wording., you may notice public farms at the spawn area with these signs. If you see someone's farm they have built do not use it unless you have their permission. We are asking people to sign post their builds and areas they've found for future builds. The same goes for people's items and storage. If something isn't clearly marked for anyone to use or access then assume you can't. Always ask first. 

DON’T ABUSE THE MODS/PLUG-INS Everything on the server has been put in place to make sure we can balance security and server performance while keeping to the vanilla experience that Minecraft offers as much as possible. The mods are carefully tested but from time to time there may be bugs, please report these as soon as possible so this can be passed on to the Dev team responsible. Use the Mods as intended. Anyone found to be abusing the mods to impact the experience of other players will be removed from the server. 


When you launch Minecraft click on Multiplayer and select add server and give it any name you like. Below is an example: 

Name: SF Official Server

Below is the current version and supported clients. We highly recommend you download Optifine as this can greatly increase your performance and has a variety of features to improve the feel and quality of the game.

Version: Java 1.18.1
Supported Clients:  Mojang/Microsoft/Legacy/Other/Forge/Optifine/Geyser(spigot)

(Please Note: We do not officially provide support for connecting with Custom Launchers and Mods, If you have any issues with Custom Applications Please consult their Support Service First!)


As mentioned above we have implemented some mods and Plug-ins to the game to improve security and enable players of any playstyle/ability to take part. Please note we are also learning as we progress and all mods and plugins are dependent on how the players use them and how the server performs while they are in place. Any changes/updates will be reported as soon as possible by the server admins. Below is a guide and list of gamerule changes and additional modifications. These are all server side and players do not need to download and install them to work.
To protect the server we have implemented an additional security feature so if your Minecraft account or Microsoft account was to be hacked the person would still need to login with a chosen password before joining. When you first join you will be asked to register a password for your account. Once you have registered you will be required to login every time you join with that same password

/register Password
/login Password

(Please Note: you need to type /login then your password when joining every time so make sure you’re in a safe place before logging off as their will be a delay until you have logged in)
Ever wanted to teleport easier without it being too far from vanilla? 
Now you can with the homes system, you can set private homes to teleport between.

/sethome name (set a new home)
/home name (tele to home)
/delhome name (remove a home)

(Please note: when using this feature you may experience some lag in game and others may also. Please use conservatively and think of other players. If several players are on a warning to other players you are going to teleport would be appreciated) 
Custom Skins:
Upload your own custom skin from a webpage url!

/skins url (set a custom skin from a url)
/skins reset (to reset your skin if not displaying)
/skins clear (to clear your active skin)

(Please note: Do Not copy another Players skin to impersonate them. If you are running a custom launcher ensure that any skins mods or caching is turned off.)
Dis-Enchant Items:
Have you ever wanted to disenchant an item, but keep the enchantment? Now you can. Vanilla balanced.

1) Make a disenchant book in a crafting table with 1 book surrounded by 8 glow stone dust.
2) Hold your item in your off hand and the book in the other and right click. Follow the Onscreen Gui to Disenchant.

(Please Note: This Mod is Balanced for Vanilla Gameplay and you may lose some enchantments and when disenchanting armour make sure the slot is taken by another piece to prevent it from being equipped instead of disenchanted
Meltdown items:
Did you ever try and smelt one of your old tools just to get nothing worth it back, now smelt your items back to precious materials, vanilla balanced.

(Please Note: not all items can be smelted for materials and the number you get depends on the tool durability. This Mod is Balanced for Vanilla Gameplay and you may only get nuggets back.) 
Economy And Shops:
Adds SFgold to the game, balance and give commands for users, modifier commands for admins, This also provides the currency for shops

/balance - Will Display How much SFGold you have
/pay @Player - Used to pay a player SFGold for a task or other transaction
Add ability to make customized chests with items and cost per item, creates text and GUI control panels for ease of use. Can be used to sell / buy anything at a set price.

How To Create a Shop:
1) place down a chest hold a single item or a stack of any size of item, Left Click the Chest and follow the chat interface.
2) After you completed those steps should an item be displayed on top and a sign with info be placed on the side of the chest.

Note: A Shop may not be created if there is no space around the chest to place down a sign.

To Edit a Shop Right Click on the Sign and Follow the Chat menu Interface!

(Please Note: There is a maximum of 20 Shops per Player. Please consider others when setting up your own shop location.)
BlockProt is an easy-to-use block and chest protection plugin. Players can lock chests, furnaces, doors and much more. Unlike traditional chest lock plugins, this uses a simple GUI with buttons to click. This removes the struggle of crafting signs or remembering commands. Especially for beginners, this plugin is very easy to grasp and use.

How to Lock Blocks:
You simply need to crouch and Right Click a lockable object to bring up the easy to use GUI.

Lockable Blocks:

(Please Note this setting is set to default lock however if you’d like your chests set to default unlock you can type /blockport settings and change it so the default is unlocked and you can then choose to lock chests rather than this being the automatic. There is a 200 item limit for locked stuff. This is due to the sheer size of resources this mod needs. For now Furnaces have to be unlocked manually and the same with hoppers. This is a minor inconvenience for the added security of your inventory. The capacity this can allow you to keep locked away is over 690,000 items if you choose to.) 


For added security the server is backed-up twice a day. This is done at 6AM EST and 6PM EST The server may go down around these times for a short period while this happens. Please keep in mind the server takes time and may be laggy for the period before and after the reboot.

Throughout the seasons there will be community events with a variety of prizes including but not limited to XP to boost in the SF Discord Server, In game items and other perks to help you in the world of Minecraft. 


Your 1st point for any problems should be this guide but if you can’t find the answer here then please reach out to @GettingCarried in the #sf-minecraft channel. 

If unavailable please message in the #Ask-The-Mods channel and a Staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

A personal message: Getting Carried

You can ask any staff member in Support Force and they will tell you how much I have spoken about a Java Minecraft server hosted by Support Force. They will also tell you how much I talk about Minecraft. 
I was late to the game only starting in June 2021. Almost 10 years after its launch. Since then I have watched countless Videos from creators all over the world. I was hooked right from the get go and saw a potential for a project nothing like i have ever embarked on. 
This server is part of that vision. I hope this will be the open door for myself and everyone who takes part in it. The plans I have are big. My content for 2022 involves Minecraft at its core and I wanted to make sure I can include others in that vision. 
I promise this isn’t a short term fad for me. This is something I have no problems with investing my time into. This is something I am dedicated to being a part of and working on now and in the future. I found something that enables me to be creative and build something great. I want you all to have that feeling also and I can't wait to work with everyone who wants to engage. 

Hope you enjoy the server :) 

Updates: (Any updates will be listed here.) 

For The Most Recent Version of this Guide Visit: Google Dive Document