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SF Newsletter - W21

 PanicKode   17 May 2021 : 11:07

Happy Monday @everyone 

We hope you all had an amazing week, As always we have some news and updates for the Support Family!

646101040692854824 Art Fight! 632295349180170282

Tomorrow Tuesday May 18 /2021 @3pm EST

We will be hosting the Support Force Art Fight on our twitch channel! Join in and have some fun with Art. Hosted by MadlyInvincible and MakeupByMaireena!!!

632295349180170282 Sup force Q&A stream 790438967073046532

Let's play some jeopardy, answer some questions, have fun and get some free EXP! Hosted by TheStarDM and MakeupByMaireena.

609817882854948925 Warzone Competitive 609817882854948925

In just 2 weeks time we will be hosting a warzone Kill Race tournament with prizes and more! More information will be posted tomorrow in the Events channel! 

Make sure to sign up ASAP and get involved to win some cash, prizes and EXP!!!

631697119874646026 SUPSYS 631696964647649301

We will start to give everyone some updates, changes and reminders about SF systems, like our bots, background systems and websites. 

This week we remind you that clip of the week and submission of the week are two weekly events SF runs. Submit your content of best clip to earn some EXP and Creator Points(CP).

You can vote for other content up to 20 times a day to help support the creators and give them a chance to win more exp or be featured here at SF!!

Happy Supporting SF Fam! Stay Strong, Stay Supportive, Build Honest connections!

Weekly News Letter :20

 PanicKode   10 May 2021 : 13:08

Weekly News Letter

Happy Monday @everyone We hope you had an amazing week last week and ready to start this one fresh!
We got a few things to tell you about below! Happy Supporting #supfam #sts

585712664794365952 Platform Rotation 
Featured Platform: @Twitter Earn an extra 25% boost towards any Twitter support! Show that support to all our Twitter Fam!

592763023597371414 New Featured Member 
Our New Featured Member is @kay.b Keep an eye out for their content and make sure to show that support for Kay. Remember they have gift codes to give away and you earn an extra 25% for supporting their content, no matter the platform. Check them out in the #

Omni Tournament April.11/2021

 PanicKode   11 Apr 2021 : 15:22
 None   Community News


Good Afternoon!

just a quick reminder, today is the 2nd OMNI Esports Paladins Trials Tournament.
We have two new members joining the cast, both are Paladins Partners, and one is a former World Champion.
We will get to hear all about it during the Pre-game show.

Pre-Game Show | 12:00 PM Eastern
Kick Off | 01:00 PM Eastern

All information can be found by following this link. Including where to find the broadcast.

OR jump right into the madness here

Go Show Our Partners that Love

April Recruitment Challenge


The recruitment challenge starts now!!!

@everyone Recruit all of your amazing friends to join Support Force today!
The top three members with the most invites by may 5th will win Gift cards, Prizes and More!

1st Place

2nd Place
Rogue Energy Promo Pack

3rd Place
Support Force Sticker Pack + Experience Boost

So Get out there and let the whole world know about Support Force and make sure to follow the video below to invite them correctly!!!

----> VIDEO <----

Weekly Announcement 03/29/2021

It's Monday! Who Wants some updates?

Hello @everyone And happy Monday, We have our weekly updates to share with you today!
As always we are looking for new staff to join the team, And also a new survey for 2021, Check it out Below!

Platform Rotation
As we Say good bye to our last Featured member and Welcome a new one we also switch the top platform to....
For the next two weeks any support for our @Featured Member or @Twitch Creators will earn an extra 30% Boost !!

Anonymous Survey
Fill out the survey today and let the staff team know how we can better the community for everyone

Staff Applications
Staff applications are still open, If you interested in joining or have a key skill set you think will help the community apply today!
More information and How to apply:

Smarties is Back
SF Smarties is back and better than ever before, Earn Exp, stay involved and stay Tuned for all the New Trivia Questions in #

New Affiliate and Partners

Today we announce that we have a way for you to Get Energized with Rogue Energy, Get That New Look with OWN3D, or Get Competitive with OMNI Esports!!

You will notice a few channel changes which include the newest Information channel


 PanicKode   07 Apr 2021 : 12:14


It's an amazing day everyone , patch 1.0 is fully released and support force is now OFFICIALLY out of beta!!!

Thank you all for your patience with the update, there was a few issues updating from discord version 11 to version 12 witch lead to some delays.

Patch Reminders
Level Reset March 15 / 2021
Levels are going to reset on the 15th. This will not affect your rank.

Boost commands
The commands have changed. And we have updated the boost chart. Make sure you take a look for the new commands.
Example: #boost @user :plat: number

Support force systems are now integrated with our very own api. Api's allow developers easier access to managing our different databases of information. This will allow sf to develop supporting apps

Several of the features and systems at sf are now automated.

Error manager
Errors and failed updates to stats or members is now automatically corrected

That's some of the highlight changes for version 1.0. We hope you all enjoy the new system and we are super excited for 2021. Full patch notes will be released in the coming days.

Have a great day everyone and remember