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Weekly Announcement 03/29/2021

It's Monday! Who Wants some updates?

Hello @everyone And happy Monday, We have our weekly updates to share with you today!
As always we are looking for new staff to join the team, And also a new survey for 2021, Check it out Below!

Platform Rotation
As we Say good bye to our last Featured member and Welcome a new one we also switch the top platform to....
For the next two weeks any support for our @Featured Member or @Twitch Creators will earn an extra 30% Boost !!

Anonymous Survey
Fill out the survey today and let the staff team know how we can better the community for everyone

Staff Applications
Staff applications are still open, If you interested in joining or have a key skill set you think will help the community apply today!
More information and How to apply:

Smarties is Back
SF Smarties is back and better than ever before, Earn Exp, stay involved and stay Tuned for all the New Trivia Questions in #